Today is the eleventh day. Of the eleventh month. Of the eleventh year. 11/11/11.

You could read this piece at 11:11 — a.m. or p.m. — and your mind could be sandblasted with the amazingness of it all, with the unique, symmetrical way that the universe seems to have fallen in line. It’s probably time to find lots of meaning in randomness, to call up the experts and ask what it all signi—

“I’ve been doing interviews for this every year” since the turn of the millennium, sighs Sonia Ducie Dip, a professional numerologist. “Every single year.” Dip trained at the Connaissance School of Numerology in Hertfordshire, U.K., and she is the person you call when you want to know about special dates. She did interviews on 08/08/08. On 10/10/10. “Next will be the last,” she says with a measure of relief and regret. “You can’t get to 13/13/13.”

The aughts and the tweens have been full of divine dates, way back to 01/01/01, the ultimate fresh start. True sticklers were more impressed by 10/02/2001, as that date was a rarer, more splendiferous palindrome (last week was a­nother one — 11/02/2011).

Ms. Dip, you must be exhausted. But please, do us a favor and share what’s meaningful about this particular occurrence.

“Eleven is a master number,” she patiently explains, meaning that it’s the same digit, doubled. When a digit is doubled or tripled, its qualities become more intense. “The issue with 11 is that it’s meant to wake us up, spiritually. It’s a number for inspiration and passion.” Many celebrities have 11 in their numerical charts, she says. Also, because the two ones in 11 add up to two — a number of sharing and collaboration — the 11th could be a good day to get married.

Oh, look, everyone is getting married on 11/11/11. estimates that 24,900 couples will get hitched on that day; all the other Fridays in November hover around 1,700 weddings.

“It’s no 07/07/07,” says Wedding Channel editor Amy Eisinger. That was their biggest wedding day on record, though 09/10/11 was big, too. Of course, those days were both Saturdays. Aside from romantic Satanists who got married on 06/06/06, one wonders if the auspicious wedding-date selections are propelled by grooms girding themselves against forgetting their anniversaries.

Because how could one forget? 11/11! Some number fans believe that elevens are the most special of all of the special master numbers. There are worldwide mystical societies — online, of course — dedicated to its understanding.

“This time on the calendar has turned this communications hub into a veritable madhouse,” writes George Barnard, the founder of the 11:11 Progress Group. This is a group of people who are particularly attuned to 11:11 prompts — often on their clock radios or microwaves. These prompts, Barnard says, are messages from Planetary Helpers or “lower angels,” who his group believes are on this Earth to assist humanity. There are, Barnard says 1,111 of them. So this is a very busy week for the 11:11ers. “A nightmare,” Barnard writes.

The real trick, of course, is not the ability to pay attention to 11/11 prompts or 11:11 prompts, but to pay attention to the 10:04 prompts, or the 2:53 ones — to the mundane times and dates that are not quite so flashy. After all, 11/11/2011 might come around only once, but you know what other date that’s true of? 11/12.


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