Researchers at Georgetown University’s Language and Communication in Washington D.C. project have identified several terms that seem to be native to D.C.

“Language is one of the threads that holds this cultural tapestry together,” says Minnie Quartey Annan, who provided the list and was given the definitions through interviews and surveys.

Bama: one who does not dress well, a mess. “You just look like a bama.”

Cised: excited.

Geekin’: pressed to do something; excited, but used with a negative connotation.

Guh: Angry, upset

Jont: can refer to a person, place, or thing; recently used to refer specifically to an attractive woman.

Or nah: similar to”or not” as in giving an option, but this usage is widely used as opposed to “or not.”

Lunchin: acting crazy, doing too much. ““Man, I saw that dude lunchin this weekend.”

Savage: awesome, vicious.

Thought it was: fooled, tricked. “Want some candy? Yes. Thought it was!”