“3D Sports Blast” by David E. Klutho. Age 6 and older. $19.95

This book bills itself as an “in your face” 3-D book, and it’s not far off. Put on the included 3-D glasses and athletes quite literally jump, spin, ride and run off the page.

It’s easy to see this as “just a picture book” because the technique of the book is so amazing, but what really makes this book worth the inconvenience of wearing cardboard glasses is the unusual way it looks at sports.

For example, you may well wonder what college basketball has to do with bass fishing. But the book, published by the folks at Sports Illustrated, draws a comparison between the North Carolina Tar Heels’ record in the NCAA tournament and fisherman Bob Hopkins’s record in fishing tournaments. (Bet you reach out to try to touch the fish Hopkins has just landed in the photograph).

While there’s plenty of football, baseball and basketball in this book, it’s really cool the way it draws attention to lesser-known sports, including bull-riding, kayaking and hammer throw. You’ll also read about people — some of them just kids — who are already or are on their way to becoming world-class athletes.

There’s also a nice explanation of how 3-D photography works.

— Tracy Grant