CNN airs the next GOP presidential candidate debate, the Western Republican Debate (at 8 p.m.), moderated by Anderson Cooper.

“The X Factor” (Fox at 8) temporarily switches nights while Fox airs the World Series, and on this episode, the judges announce the Top 16 contestants.

Can a “real man” use hazelnut creamer and pomegranate body wash? This seems to be a symbolic issue in new comedy “Man Up!” (ABC at 8:30), about three guys trying to find themselves but getting distracted by relationship problems and other questions. For example, “What would Tobey Maguire do?” is what one guy thinks when he sees his ex-wife with a much more attractive man.

Jason Dohring starts his stint on “Ringer” (CW at 9) as troublemaking Juliet’s new teacher in public school; later, Bridget wonders if something terrible happened with Gemma after she came clean about her affair with Gemma’s husband.

Not only is Rachel in labor on “The Rachel Zoe Project” (Bravo at 9), but the nursery isn’t finished — cue panic. And because Rachel’s somewhat busy, Joey takes on the latest project (styling Molly Sims) all by himself.

“Frontline: Lost in Detention” (MPT at 9, WETA at 10) looks at the record number of deportations since President Obama took office, along with other facets of the county’s immigration policies.

HBO Sports airs another “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” (at 10), and in addition to a profile on the NBA’s Jerry West and his battle with depression, looks into what makes obsessive runners tick.

The second part of “Women, War and Peace” (MPT at 10, WETA at 11) looks at the journey of Liberian women and how they took to the streets to help end the civil war that took place from 1999 to 2003.

Cee Lo Green is on NBC reality competition show “The Voice,” but while he waits for that to come back on the air, he stops by for a guest stint on “Parenthood” (NBC at 10), playing a potential client for Adam and Crosby's new music venture.

Al’s former police partner is killed on “Unforgettable” (CBS at 10), and Carrie struggles with how to comfort her ex-boyfriend without sending the wrong messages; meanwhile, the situation takes a turn when the team finds out that the partner may have been a corrupt cop.

— Emily Yahr