The public got only a glimpse of the top of the royal baby’s head Tuesday as Kate and William carried him out of the hospital, but New York-based astrologer Susan Miller says the sun and the planets provide plenty of hints about the little prince. Below are her thoughts, based on her reading of the newborn’s astrological chart.

The royal baby is a Cancer but a hair’s breadth away from Leo. The royal family is heavily represented in water, which is why I am relieved that this child has a water sign.

Prince William is a Cancer and Diana, Princess of Wales, was a Cancer, so the baby will have the kind of modesty and need for privacy that his grandmother displayed.

Both William and Kate were born with the moon in Cancer, considered the finest, most loving place for the moon to be.

The rising sign is every bit as important as the sun sign. It’s the sign that was “rising” at birth over the eastern horizon. This is determined by knowing the day, month, year, time and city of birth, which, of course, is July 22, 2013, 4:24 p.m. GMT, London. Baby Cambridge is a Cancer with Scorpio rising.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William stepped outside St. Mary’s Hospital for the world’s first look at their new son. (Video courtesy The Press Association)

Prince Charles is a Scorpio — another water sign. Being that this is Baby Cambridge’s rising sign, they may have a special bond.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is earth-sign Capricorn. Queen Elizabeth, Taurus, and Prince Harry, Virgo, are both earth signs. Earth and water are highly compatible elements. This child fits so perfectly into this family, it is simply remarkable.

If the baby’s sign had been Leo, a fire sign, the water-sign predominance in the royal family might have drowned out Leo’s fiery spark.

Both Jupiter and Saturn, from different corners of the sky, were each 120 degrees away from Neptune, forming a mathematically perfect golden triangle. It is nearly impossible for three people to agree to have lunch, let alone get three planets to cooperate like this! All the planets were in water signs, creating pure harmony. Life goes easier for people with these qualities. The child will be kind and be a person of confidence.

This baby should be given a wide variety of materials to express himself as he grows up — paints, clay, fabric, computers and a camera, and be taught music, too, as Neptune is the planet that is said to govern the arts.

Cancer is a sign that values the family life, almost above all else. It is a nurturing, compassionate sign, and also highly intuitive with a high degree of emotional intelligence. Cancers are modest and quite frugal in the way they spend money. Baby Cambridge’s sun is found in his eighth house of other people’s money. Money and money management will be important to him.

Many Cancers are so attached to their families that they choose to go into the family business. In this case, his profession has been decided for him. I do not see any evidence he would want to abdicate the throne in the distant future!

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