What’s the biggest problem in today’s workplace — and can it be fixed?

That was the question posed to the eight @Work Advice Contest finalists in Round 2 — and they had plenty to say. If you’ve been following the competition, you know we’re searching for a would-be columnist with a smart approach to navigating the workplace. The remaining finalists, all hoping for the chance to write a series of columns in The Washington Post Magazine, are battling it out for readers’ votes. Only six will advance to Round 3.

The panel of @Work Advice judges, who can grant immunity to just one contestant, has decided that one of those six will be Dean Buckley .

“Dean’s advice keeps getting stronger with each challenge, without losing the wit and readability that made him a standout from the beginning,” explained judge Eric Peterson, manager of diversity and inclusion initiatives at the Society for Human Resource Management.

The @Work Advice Contest

The judges praised Buckley’s five tips for dealing with the stress of job insecurity. And because he had the lowest Round 1 vote total of the remaining contestants, they thought he might be more at risk.

But there was plenty of competition. The judges also gave high marks to Michele Woodward , 51, who had strategies for keeping your sanity when the pressure seems like too much. “She gave specific advice that was useful, maybe doable and soothing,” said Post Magazine editor Lynn Medford.

Props also went to Karla Miller , 39, who wrote about the epidemic of distractions fighting for everyone’s attention. “Her advice reaches workers who aren’t in an office environment,” said Post advice columnist Carolyn Hax.

Immunity means Buckley, 43, will automatically move forward regardless of the vote totals. But the other contenders — Woodward and Miller, along with Abbey Kos, 27; Leslie Anderson, 38; Richard Wong, 56; Rachel Homer, 31; and Cindy Coe, 50 — still need your support to stay in the running. Go to washingtonpost.com/
to read their Round 2 entries and vote for your favorite by Friday at 11:59 p.m.