Dear Heloise: I recently went on vacation to Hawaii, an 18-hour plane/ airport trip for me. Because I have TROUBLE WITH MY BACK when sitting for long periods, I decided to try heat packs on the trip. I bought a package that lasts for eight hours and put it on my back for the last/longest leg of the trip, and I had no pain problem on the trip or when I arrived!

I took the same thing in my luggage for my return trip. Not only did my back not “freeze up” on me, but my body stayed warmer on the plane! -- M.B. in Florida

As a “road warrior” myself, I think your hint is super. A Transportation Security Administration agent said that yes, these heat wraps are permitted in carry-on and checked luggage. They suggest waiting to apply the patch until after you go through security. If you are wearing the patch and go through the advanced imaging, it could show as an anomaly, which might lead to a pat-down. Happy flying! -- Heloise

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Dear Heloise: The kids have a hard time coming up with gifts for their dad on Father’s Day. They get tired of always giving him ties and shirts. This year we came up with an alternative. Each child gave him an IOU for things like washing his truck and raking leaves. It is a great way to get the kids involved around the house, and Dad sure does appreciate the help! -- Claire in Florida



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Dear Readers: Do you have a million files and documents on your computer and have a hard time finding things when you need them? Here is an organization hint for your computer: Create folders. When in the documents library, for example, you can create subfolders for things like “important documents,” “work documents,” ‘’trip information,” etc. That way, you only have to go looking in one folder.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Start (usually in lower left-hand corner) and click on “Computer.”

2. Double click on one of your libraries (documents, for example), usually located on the left-hand side of screen.

3. At the top of the screen, click on “New Folder.”

4. A new folder will appear, which you can title whatever you want.

5. Once created, click and drag files into that new folder.

Hope this handy hint helps! -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I am retired and a senior citizen. To keep my mind active, I created a blog featuring my family. It was so much fun getting together the funny stories, etc.

Then I created a second, and now I am on my third. This is a great hint for someone to start an online blog to keep the family connected and start a new hobby. -- JoAnn W., via e-mail

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