Dear Readers: FLOWERS make a lovely gift, and with Grandparents Day coming up on Sept. 9, here are some interesting tidbits about the meaning of flowers if you choose to send some. Each month has a symbolic flower. Why not try to match a special celebration or the recipient’s personality with a flower?

August’s flower, the gladiolus, is for anyone who’s honest and has a lot of style. September’s flower is the aster and stands for magic, love and charm. October’s flower is the marigold, with its constant blooms symbolizing bliss and energy.

November’s flower is the chrysanthemum, and it represents accomplishment and affluence. December’s flower is the narcissus, and is for birth and new beginnings.

January’s flower is the carnation. If you want to show someone gratitude and admiration, carnations would work nicely. February’s flower is the violet, and with the pretty purple or white blooms, violets are perfect for someone who is bashful or coy. March is the daffodil, and it is used to wish someone good luck. April’s flower is the daisy, May’s flower is the lily, June’s flower is the rose, and July’s flower is the larkspur. -- Heloise

P.S.: Flowers of any kind and at any time are always appreciated!


Dear Heloise: One of your great hints for cleaning windows and mirrors is to use newspaper. I don’t like getting the ink on my hands, so I visit my newspaper publisher, which sells me the remnants of the blank paper rolls. I find a lot of other uses for this paper also! -- Paula in Lindale, Texas


Dear Heloise: I was interested in a TV infomercial for a particular product, and the company was offering monthly payments on it. I went online and found out that the initial payment was $104, but the TOTAL cost would have been almost $300. Everyone should read the fine print before ordering anything online or from television. -- D.H., Omaha, Neb.

Yep, they often promote the initial payment, and the rest is in tiny print! Do understand that there can be a few monthly payments. Also, watch out for shipping and handling charges. Read the fine print! -- Heloise


Hello, Heloise: It’s hard to wrestle big, bulky comforters and mattress pads through the washer and dryer. Since my husband and I have a king-size bed, it’s especially tiring. So my solution is to buy twin sizes of comforters and mattress pads. (Heloise here: These mattress pads are the flat type.) That way, we each have our own, and they’re easier to keep clean. -- Sandy, via e-mail


Dear Heloise: Use a fishing-lure keeper to sort earrings. The small compartments make it easy to find pairs of earrings, especially post earrings. These totes are inexpensive and are available in various sizes. Mine has 24 compartments. They’re found in the sporting-goods department. -- Kim in Grass Valley, Calif.

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