Dear Heloise: Here is my Sound Off for your column. The other day, I realized my PRINTER was out of ink. I went to the store, and the ink cartridges were $63! I got home, put the new cartridge in and then realized that something was wrong with my printer and it wouldn’t work at all. I went back to the store and saw that I could have gotten a new printer for $50 to begin with! Why do some printer cartridges cost more than a new printer? Before you buy a printer, check out the prices of the cartridges — it might just sway your decision! -- A Reader in Texas

You struck a chord with me! We have seven different printers in my office and home (most the same brand), and each uses a different cartridge! The cartridges are not cheap, either! That’s why we use “recycled” ones that are reasonably priced. -- Heloise



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Dear Heloise: I look forward to your article every day in The Orange County (Calif.) Register! You told how to recycle greeting cards to a certain size in order to turn them into postcards. I can’t find those measurements. Please help. -- Agnes in California

Agnes, happy to help, and this is a green hint as well as one that saves money. Standard postcard size is 4 1 / 4 inches by 6 inches and .016 inches thick. Just cut the desired area down to those measurements, and you are ready to send a quick note. There are many other things that also can be made into postcards, so use your imagination. Just make sure it’s not larger, or it can be considered oversize and be charged letter postage. -- Heloise

P.S.: As of Jan. 22, 2012, postage on a postcard is now 32 cents.


Dear Readers: Here are some money-saving hints:

* When eating out, order only water to drink.

* Look for coupons on things you buy frequently.

* Pack a lunch to take to work.

* Turn out lights when not in a room.

* Combine errands to save gasoline.

-- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I do a lot of crafting and have many spools of ribbon. I found an easy way to store them in one of my crafting cabinets. I took an inexpensive tension curtain rod and ran all of the spools onto it. I then fit it into one of the cabinets, and now my ribbon is easily accessible. Not only does it keep them contained, but it also is easy to cut off just the amount I need. -- Pam in Florida


Dear Readers: Have you ever dropped an earring back, a nail or some other small thing and can’t seem to find it? Here is a simple solution: Take the vacuum hose or a hand-held vacuum and cover the opening with a piece of pantyhose. You then can use the vacuum to find your missing item without it being sucked up into the canister. -- Heloise

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