Dear Heloise: Putting the nice MANUAL CAN OPENERS in a dishwasher will dull them. I’ve bought those $15 openers, which went dull in a few months, and my mother told me to rinse them and dry them right after each use, and never throw them in the dishwasher. Just thought I’d pass it on. -- Sherry J. in Arkansas

Sherry, this is a common problem, and one I answered in my Good Housekeeping magazine column. Here’s my solution:

It could be that rust is forming because there are parts of the opener you can’t (or don’t) properly dry after washing. Use white or apple-cider vinegar to clean away rust. Dry the opener with a hair dryer, making sure to get into all the crevices. When dry, lubricate moving parts with a little mineral oil. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: How do your readers save all the hints they get from you? I cut out your news articles or print them to save. The ones I save are the ones I am most interested in. I keep a folder, with your articles on cleaning hints, gardening, etc., in plastic sheets, in my laundry room. I keep another in my kitchen for recipes.

I highlight the ones pertaining to laundry or kitchen. I just got a dog, so now I have to develop another folder for animal care.

Is there a simple way to organize your hints? What do your readers do? -- Frances in Chino Valley, Ariz.

Frances, there are many ways to organize my hints. Your file-folder method is one. Some readers save the hints in notebooks or scrapbooks, or type them into a file on their computer.

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Dear Heloise: I had to have a TV repairman out to my house to fix a problem, and he was very helpful. He not only fixed my cable, but showed me a few things I could do the next time to avoid having to call someone. This was the first repairman to do this. Your readers should know to ask. It doesn’t hurt, and they might learn something. -- A Reader, via e-mail

I’m with you! Always watch what a service person does — you may learn something that will save you money next time, too! -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I must have at least a dozen half-slips, and trying to find the right one when in a rush was always time-consuming and frustrating. I have them grouped in large, clear plastic kitchen bags labeled “very short,” “above the knee,” “calf length,” etc. Because the bags are clear, I also can see the color. Sure saves a lot of aggravation when I’m in a rush! -- Sharon in Ingram, Tex.

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