Boo Boo the cub had burned paws after a wildfire, but he’s healing and climbing trees. (TRICIA HEBDON/IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME VIA ASSOCIATED PRESS)

A bear cub rescued from a fire in the Idaho backcountry after being burned on all four of his paws has been moved to a wildlife sanctuary and is expected to make a full recovery, officials said this week.

The bear, nicknamed Boo Boo, is being kept in a two-acre enclosure with another cub and is doing very well, said Linda DeEulis, director of the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary.

Boo Boo was discovered in late August, clinging to a tree in a region recently scorched by a massive wildfire. Boo Boo’s story is a lot like the tale of Smokey Bear, a cub who became a national symbol for fire prevention after he was found in a charred tree while trying to escape a New Mexico fire in 1950. He was also treated for burned paws.

DeEulis was worried at first about the bear’s claws and his ability to climb, she said, but those concerns were quickly put to rest after he arrived at the sanctuary. “The first thing he did was run up a tree,” she said.

If the bear continues to get better, he will be released to wild.