It’s one of the great arguments of all time: Do dogs or cats make better pets? Cat people will argue that cats are better because they’re less work; dog people counter that dogs are more playful. A new book from National Geographic rates the animals in a variety of categories and is full of other fun facts. Here is a look at some of the ratings.

Who has the fiercest relatives?

A tiger or lion would beat (and eat) a wolf every time.

Who has the best sense of smell?

Dogs have about 220 million scent cells, compared with 110 million for cats (and about 51 / 2 million for humans).

Who is the best communicator?

Dogs express themselves more than cats using their tails, as well as their voices. That’s probably because dogs live in packs in the wild.

Who has the best hearing?

Cats can hear sounds up to 60,000 hertz; dogs can hear up to 40,000 hertz and kids can hear up to 20,000 hertz. So cats can hear sounds that dogs and humans miss completely.

Who is the best hunter?

House cats can bring owners birds, lizards and mice that they’ve killed. Dogs are more likely to bring you the newspaper.

Which comes in the most varieties?

There are about 80 breeds of cats but more than 400 breeds of dogs. That’s because humans have bred dogs for many activities, leading to so many varieties.