Kanye West has released a new music video, “Bound 2,” featuring his betrothed, Kim Kardashian. West first shared the video with the audience of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

In the video, Kardashian, shirtless, straddles West as they ride a motorcycle together. They appear to visit several of the country’s most iconic natural places, a road trip that would have taken several days had it truly occurred. West, however, does not change his clothes, and Kardashian never gets dressed.

“Ever the boundary-pusher, West may have pushed this one right past the precipice of self-parody, straight over the edge,” writes The Atlantic Wire’s Eric Levenson after watching it. “Kanye has recently said, ‘I think that … part of my success is my drops of cheesiness,’ observes Slate’s Forrest Wickman. “But this isn’t drops, this is buckets. Rainbow waterfalls of cheesiness, cascading over unicorns.”

Sean O’Neal, writing for A.V. Club, is also unimpressed:

As they race across America’s most majestic screensavers, Kanye and Kim stare deeply into each other’s blank faces, their open yet obscured nudity and totally natural intimacy evoking the great love stories of our lifetime, like Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. It all went down on that most sensuous of all daytime talk shows, Ellen, forcing Ellen to follow lyrics like, “I wanna (expletive) you on the sink” with some cheery, Ellen-esque chatter. “Hey, neat horses!” she probably said as they went to commercial.

Sean O’Neal

The song is the final track on “Yeezus,” released this summer. The Post’s Chris Richards wrote that on the album, West “plumbs the depths of his id like a knife scraping the bottom of the peanut butter jar.” For more, continue reading here.