“Dancing With The Stars” continued Monday night with the final four pairs dancing, and as Emily Yahr wrote without a weak dancer in the remaining group, competition was fierce:

Actor William Levy and Cheryl Burke

Dance #1: Tango

“You can’t be good. You have to be excellent. Because if you do good, you go home,” William tells the camera during rehearsal. Cheryl is pretty surprised that they nabbed a perfect score last week (has she heard the screams in the ballroom when William appears shirtless?) but is determined to push him harder than ever.

They move sharply through the tango for the first dance, but William is fully dressed, so that’s not going to win him any points.

Classical singer Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas

Dance #1: Quickstep

Katherine had some struggles last week, notably when her outfit got caught around her foot. But now she’s talking about what a learning and growth opportunity the show has been — in the beginning, she wanted dresses with lots of material, and now, she’ll get more scandalous with a belly dance. More confidence = less clothing, apparently?

Anyway, Katherine starts out her quickstep in a cage, and is so elated when she escapes that she starts to dance with Mark, a.k.a. a guy in the top hat. They move flawlessly through the speedy routine, and while it’s not her most riveting dance, the judges will likely be pleased.

TV host Maria Menounos and Derek Hough

Dance #1: Argentine Tango

Derek is feeling the pressure this week, since he has to choreograph the right routine for Maria — especially in light of Len’s negative comments last week. He growls and throws a water bottle in rehearsal, then storms out. Is he the new Maks? Not quite — he doesn’t get bleeped as much, and Maria gives him a nice pep talk.

Derek and Maria start behind a curtain, and then Derek carries Maria all the way down the stairs as she’s wrapped around his legs. They smoothly move through the steps, throwing in a fancy lift, but they look very nervous at the end.

NFL player Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd

Dance #1: Waltz

Donald is not a fan of the samba, as he has to move his hips in a very unnatural way. “It’s not right for a man to be like this,” he gripes. “I have to be more on the feminine side.” Peta raves about Donald’s emotional side, however. “I’ve never seen four people in the semi-finals that can dance this well,” Donald says, smoothly complimenting his own skills while talking about the competition.

Donald floats through the tango with a very intense look, to prove that he feels all of that emotion that the judges always love.

Donald Driver’s third place ranking could mean elimination if watchers do not rally behind him. As Cindy Boren reported:

Donald Driver, like other athletes on “Dancing with the Stars,” has performed admirably — artistically, even. But at this point, he may need some sort of Hail Mary if he’s going to make people forget Hines Ward’s swivelly performances and hoist the moderately-coveted Mirror Ball Trophy in an in­cred­ibly close competition.

With Green Bay Packers teammates Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews and Coach Mike McCarthy watching, Driver and Peta Murgatroyd performed well Monday night and are in third place with 57 out of 60 points heading into tonight’s elimination show ahead of next week’s finale.

Once the dancing competition ends, Driver will likely confront the issue of his future with the Packers. With depth at wide receiver, it’s “a (Lambeau) leap of faith for anyone to believe that [his future] it will be in Green Bay,” the Journal-Sentinel’s Michael A Hunt writes.

Classical singer Katherine Jenkins appeared to have suffered an injury during her final dance of the night, but by Tuesday morning, she told supporters she was feeling better. As Emily Yahr wrote:

Late Monday night, Katherine tweeted, “Thank you for all your concerned tweets... I'm with the Doctor, he says it was a reflectorical spasm in my lower back.”

And on Tuesday morning, she appeared to have some good news: The good news is that I'm feeling better, just a little sore,” she tweeted.

Should Katherine make it through Tuesday’s results show, she’ll have about a week to rest up and get ready for Monday night. And, ABC would hope, lots of concerned viewers to see if she’ll be able to perform.

Mark Ballas told E! last night during a backstage interview that he feels like she’ll be okay:

“The good thing is that there is no bone damage, thank God, and hopefully there's no muscle or ligament damage. I just know from suffering past injuries that when you're done, you're done,” Ballas said. “...But she was up moving around so hopefully she'll be fine.”