TUESDAY, Oct. 16, 9 p.m., the CW

Mamie Gummer might have her mother’s looks (Meryl Streep), and though she was fine as a conniving attorney in occasional episodes of “The Good Wife,” we keep waiting for evidence of inherited acting chops. “Emily Owens, MD” follows its skittish and permanently insecure protagonist through her new job as a surgical resident at a big-city hospital.

Through Emily’s clunky voice-over narration, we learn that hospitals are just like high school, with cliques and crushes and embarrassing flop sweat when you’re trying to impress a boy. There’s something demeaning about the whole setup, which tells us that all women, even surgeons, are just conniving glamour-seekers and that when life gets you down, you should hole up in a stairwell and console yourself with the entire contents of a vending machine. Whatever I might have liked about Emily and her vulnerability at the start faded away by the end of the first episode. Grade: D

— Hank Stuever