By many accounts, this year’s Emmy Awards were something of a snooze. With the exception of “Homeland’s” beating “Mad Men” for best drama, many of the same winners claimed trophies for the same roles that brought them to the podium last year. Wrote Dan Zak:

It is time to give up on the Emmys. Really, truly, once and for all. The media and the nation must stop paying attention. The television industry could show its solidarity by surrendering all the statuettes, heaving them into a yawning crucible and smelting them. The liquid scrap metal could be recast into one Prius-sized Emmy to be shared by Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Jon Stewart, who were the only people to show rebellious verve onstage during an otherwise dismal, predictable show hosted by that deadpan cipher of late night, Jimmy Kimmel.

Stewart, accepting the 10th consecutive Emmy for outstanding variety series for “The Daily Show,” acknowledged the exasperating ridiculousness of the exercise.

“Years from now, when the Earth is just a burning husk and aliens visit, they will find a box of these,” Stewart said, holding his Emmy aloft, “and they will know just how predictable these [expletive shows] are.”

Not so fast, writes Lisa deMoraes. According to the Post’s TV columnist, this year’s award show was actually full of surprises — and you can join her live chat to read about the biggest ones. As she wrote:

Pretty much everyone had expected Claire Danes to take the Emmy for best drama actress, but who thought Damian Lewis would prove Bryan Cranston’s Kryptonite?

And who thought that when “Homeland” was named best drama series, ending “Mad Men’s” four-year stranglehold on that category, it would set an Emmy record – for “Mad Men”? With that defeat, “Mad Men” set a new Emmy record for most losses in a single year (17).

“Game Change” was another surprising Sunday win, mopping up with best actress, writing and directing wins as well as the Emmy for best movie/miniseries. Surprising because a) we’d forgotten it aired during the eligibility period instead of a hundred years ago and b) everyone was all ooh! “American Horror Story”! in their Emmy walkup blah, blah, blah.

Among the other surprising moments of the festivities:

• Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s acceptance speech swap with Amy Poehler, which was one of the funnier moments in a long, dry ceremony. Dreyfus began by thanking “Parks and Recreation,” Poehler’s show, feigned confusion, and Poehler handed her the appropriate speech. Wrote Celebritology’s Jen Chaney: “Basically, Poehler — that petite, comedic mastermind — managed to make this her Emmy moment even though she didn’t even win the thing. And rather than seeming Kanye West-ish, she only came across as even more hilarious.”

• E!’s new “mani-cam,” which managed to make hands look terrifying and gargantuan.

Claire Danes’ acceptance speech: “Mandy Patinkin: Holla.” According to Celebritology. “This is now, officially, one of the greatest sentences in the history of the English language.”

• Edie Falco’s choice of a space-age navy and white gown with a metallic belt surprised everyone with its simple elegance. Falco was named on many best-dressed lists for the night, including The Post’s.

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