Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat, turned 2 on Friday. Tabatha Bundesen, one of the cat’s owners, took her to New York for her birthday. (Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press)

Watch out, world, Grumpy Cat has hit her terrible twos.

The top dog in Internet cat stardom, known for her downward smile and bugged-out baby blues, spent her birthday Friday touring New York City with an entourage worthy of Hollywood.

And Hollywood is where the funny-looking feline is bound, with a movie project in the works.

So, who will voice the cat? Grumpy’s not saying, nor are her humans, the brother-sister team of Tabatha and Bryan Bundesen.

They are grateful that the Grumpy business — T-shirts, calendars and a book — is doing well.

“It has changed our lives,” Bryan Bundesen said.

The grump’s name is Tardar Sauce, named (and misspelled) by Tabatha’s daughter Chyrstal. The cat has feline dwarfism — she’s unusually tiny — and her long rear legs cause her to wobble when she walks.

Bundesen put her photos on Reddit in late 2012, then followed up with YouTube videos. An Internet star was born. “She has the grumpy market cornered,” he said. “All the other cats can have the happy, funny stuff.”

— Associated Press