Dear Heloise: I've just had a three-day visit from my son and his wife, and it was perfect! I'm 91 (I'm able to live alone; I enjoy a nearby senior center) and do very little cooking. My son and his wife planned and brought the essentials for cooking full meals. They did everything, and I sat and visited.

They even performed small fix-it jobs around the house, and this made their visit complete. So well-planned, and no stress for me, just enjoyable time spent with dear family.

Catherine S., Kimberling City, Mo.

Catherine S.: What a wonderful family! That's what it's all about: people helping people. Thanks for writing in, Catherine!

Dear Heloise: My complaint is that restaurants serve dinner rolls, but the butter is hard as a rock. Why can't they let it sit out for a while so we can spread it without tearing up the dinner roll? Soften the butter for us, please!

Martha M. in Ohio

Martha M. in Ohio: And when the butter is soft, it seems to taste better. The restaurant may be concerned about food safety.

Dear Heloise: My husband has discovered that it is much easier and timesaving to put on his button-front shirts by leaving all but the top buttons buttoned, and pulling the shirt on and off over his head. As we get older, the fingers may not work so well.

Doris in Camarillo, Calif.

Dear Heloise: Please help me find a place interested in dress patterns. I have many, and they are still in good shape. I don't sew anymore, but patterns are expensive.

C.T., Helena, Ark.

C.T.: How nice of you to want to donate your dress patterns! Look at schools (including extracurricular activities), churches, secondhand and resale shops, scouting groups, local theater groups and other organizations in your community.

Readers, do you have any ideas? How many of you still make your own dresses? Sadly, it seems to be a dying art.

Dear Readers: We all know the benefits of walking, and all you really need is a good pair of shoes and a friend to get started. Walking gets your circulation flowing, increases oxygen to your heart and can improve your overall health.

Start your walk slowly each day to warm up, then walk a bit faster. Each day you'll find that you are walking a little farther. When you are getting toward the end of your walk, slow down a bit. You can keep track of your steps with a pedometer, if you'd like.

To enjoy the crisp, fresh air and the companionship of a friend, nothing beats a walk! Check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Dear Heloise: Light-brown eye shadow can make a good bronzer/ cheek contour in a pinch. The key word, though, is "blend," "blend," "blend"!

Julie Y. in Indiana

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