Dear Heloise: As a florist for many years, I have to respond about finding ADDRESSES FOR FLOWERS SENT. It’s a frustrating and time-consuming issue for us, too. If an order is placed over the Internet, the customer doesn’t give an address, just a credit-card number. Many times we receive a misspelled name and can only write it as it was received.

Another issue is using only first names. Many families know more than one “Jim and Mary.” My dad died recently, and we have several cards signed with a first name only. Next time you send flowers, especially using the Internet, along with your sympathy message, sign your first and last name, and ask for your address to be placed on the back of the card. It will eliminate the florist having to search records for addresses or names, and will save everyone time.

Thank you to everyone who sends flowers! As a family member recently told me, it’s like the sender is sending a hug and love when it’s most needed. -- Nancy, via e-mail

This is a blooming good hint! Thanks for writing. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: A friend recently said that the golden rule of neat housekeeping is: Don’t put it down; put it up. It’s a great rule if you can live up to it. -- Harold W., Temple, Tex.


Dear Heloise: Near the end of the year, I receive lots of calendars for the next year from charities. There is no way I could use all of them, so I package them up and donate them to the citywide food drive during the holidays. I figured these are an item that everyone needs, and I am glad they won’t go to waste! -- Jan B., North Little Rock, Ark.


Dear Heloise: I had a favorite small plastic bowl with a lid that was in use all the time.

It got pushed to the back of the fridge and was forgotten, and when I found it, the half onion had turned to mush. I could not get the terrible smell out.

I used soap, soaked it in vinegar, bleach, stuffed it with newspaper, added vinegar to the newspaper -- but nothing would remove that awful odor.

When opening a new jar of instant coffee, the delicious aroma gave me the idea to put a teaspoon or so in the container, close the lid and let it sit overnight. Like magic, the odor is completely gone, and the container is ready to use again. I never miss your wonderful column! -- Esther in Columbus, Ohio


Dear Heloise: I buy gift cards, but hate trying to remember the amount that is left after a purchase. I keep the receipts and tally the remaining (Heloise here: the remaining balance left), and write it using a permanent marker on the back of the card. -- K.R. in New Hampshire

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