Dear Heloise: I do a lot of work and research online. I hate when I go to a Web site and a LARGE AD appears. I have found that when this happens, most pages have a link that says “continue on to destination” or something like that. You can click on it and bypass the advertisement. It normally is in very small print at the bottom or in the corner of the page. They try to make it hard to find, of course, because they want you to click on the ad. -- Paul, via e-mail

Paul, you are voicing what most of us deal with when using the Internet! However, those annoying ads are what allow us to use the Web for free. Do look for that small box or “X’’ that reads “skip this ad” and click on it! You are right — it usually is hidden or blends into the background. -- Heloise



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Dear Heloise: Regarding your hints on what to do when leaving for a long trip, those are good suggestions, and here are some more:

Turn off valves to the washer and under the sinks. This could prevent the house from flooding if a supply hose springs a leak — and they do. The icemaker will turn itself off when the bin is full, so that’s good to do, but not a huge issue. Also, check the thermometer and set the air conditioner at 85 or the heat at 60. I also leave a radio on and set random on-off timers on some lights. -- P.A.L., via e-mail

Good advice, and everyone should have a “checklist” to close the house down, especially if you travel a lot, like I do. It’s easy to forget to take out the trash! -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: My husband has allergies, so I’m not able to burn candles in our home. To get around this, I lightly spray scented oil, perfume, etc., onto artificial flowers that I have in several vases throughout the house. The scent is not strong and can be tolerated by my husband. I mainly do this when we’re expecting company, as I can do without the scents the rest of the time. -- Cheryl B. in Louisiana


Dear Heloise: Have you ever tried to frame a photo only to find that the backboard is too large to fit easily? As a photographer, I have had this happen many times. Take an emery board and gently file the edges. Soon the back will ease into the frame. -- Bonnie M., Fort Wayne, Ind.


Dear Heloise: I always keep a blanket in my car. I found a really cute outdoor one that rolls up pretty small. My family loves to go on picnics, see outdoor movies or just enjoy a park. I never know when we may want to stop and be outdoors. I always have a blanket handy now, just in case. -- Rose in Texas

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