Dear Heloise: I have a Sound Off: A lot of coupons are “buy one, get one free,” and sometimes I cannot use two items of the same thing. I am a senior citizen and need to save money, and this makes it hard for many of us to use coupons.

Also, the expiration dates are too small — make them bigger!

A Senior in Indiana

Senior in Indiana: Even if you can’t use the second item, go ahead and buy it. You can save up a bagful and donate to a shelter or give to a neighbor or friend.

And your “older” eyesight is not the problem! That print is small because they must print all the legal disclaimers on a small coupon!

Dear Readers: Other uses for peanut butter jars:

● Store small items in one (hair ties, twist-ties, nails).

● As a disposable drinking glass when traveling.

● As a liquid measuring cup.

● Perfect to store a cut onion in.

And speaking of peanut butter jars, here’s a reader’s hint for cleaning them:

Dear Heloise: I scrape out peanut butter with a spatula, then fill the jar with water. Add several squirts of dishwashing liquid. Put on the lid and shake the jar. Let sit, and shake several times a day. This usually works overnight.”

Sharyn C., via email

Sharyn C.: The plastic peanut butter jars are wonderful for all sorts of projects!

Dear Heloise: I enjoy your column in the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. Here’s some advice from an old friend:

When you have only short notice of company coming and things are not up to par, take some fresh shirts out of the closet, display them on hangers and apologize for not having put the ironing away yet.

This creates the illusion that you spent so much time ironing, you didn’t have time to clean the house!

Nancy M., Omaha

Nancy M.: Oh, yes, and if you can, pull out the vacuum cleaner and leave it in a prominent place to be seen.

Dear Heloise: To minimize white rings on wood furniture, use white toothpaste (non-gel) and baking soda. Mix the two together and rub gently on the stain, noting that it can take time for the mark to disappear. Wax the piece when the mark has been removed.

Erma in Arizona

Dear Heloise: I learned this hint the hard way! I reached into a drawer where I store plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc., and cut my finger pretty badly on the aluminum-foil box. Tell your readers that it is so easy to just turn the cutting side down!

Peggy in The Villages, Fla.

Dear Heloise: Here is a hint I learned from my cousin Mat: When you are going to be peeling a lot of potatoes, shrimp or other messy foods, use sheets of newspaper to hold the mess. Saves money on paper towels.

M. in Fort Worth

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