Dear Readers: October is National Window Covering Safety Month. The Window Covering Safety Council ( has hints for making your home safer when it comes to window treatments:

● Keep all cribs, beds and furniture away from windows.

● Use only cordless window coverings, or those with inaccessible cords.

● If your window treatments do have cords, make sure they are out of sight and out of reach.

If you’re renting a home or apartment, or your home is older, you may have older-style cords on your window treatments, which can be a danger if you have grandkids who visit.

Safety is always the most important factor. Window cords can pose a strangulation hazard to young children. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (, corded window coverings are among the top hidden hazards in American homes.

Check these websites for more information.

Dear Readers: Be careful about "tagging" yourself, or "checking in" to a business on social media. This tells people exactly where you are, and that you are not at home.

If you want to mention a business that you like, or tell everyone about a great restaurant, do it after you are back home.

Dear Heloise: One side of my house is all sliding glass doors and tall windows. Cleaning them was impossible, not to mention the streaks!

I decided to use microfiber cloths — one with plain, very hot water to wash and one to dry! It worked! I washed one-quarter of the window at a time. No worries about streaks — it just doesn’t happen!

Sylvia R., Mount Solon, Va.

Dear Heloise: My daughter went through a divorce. So, what to do with the wedding dress she didn’t want anymore?

I cut as much fabric as I could from the dress and had a seamstress make three doll dresses from the material!

Mickee R., Spearfish, S.D.

Dear Heloise: I read your column in the Erie (Pa.) Times-News. I use hand sanitizer to clean fingerprints and smudges off my touch-screen devices.

Lisa F., Erie, Pa.

Lisa F.: Use only a tiny amount, and don't apply directly to the screen. You don't want the liquid to seep under the screen.

Dear Heloise: I’m always looking for extra storage space, even after a decluttering. Here are two ideas I’ve come up with:

A small net hammock tacked in a corner of my son’s room is a great place to stow lightweight stuffed animals.

Here in Texas, we never use the fireplace. It’s a good place to tuck a floral arrangement or a collection of books.

Ann Marie S., via email

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