Dear Readers: How many MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS do you have? If you have a few (I have more than 10), I bet you get renewal notices what seems like all the time! Here are some helpful hints to manage magazine subscriptions:

* Companies may start sending renewal notices up to 18 months in advance! Look at the address label on your subscription — there may be a small date or code. This will tell you when your subscription ACTUALLY expires.

* Call the company if you want to renew. You might be able to get a better price.

* Keep a list or spreadsheet if you have several subscriptions. Write down the dates you renewed, what price and when they expire.

* Always look at your notices. Some companies will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW the subscription if they don’t hear from you. So always check.

-- Heloise


Dear Heloise: To ease airport X-ray lines, I put my keys and change into my shoe. This makes it so easy to retrieve (just pour it out into your hand) rather than attempt to pick it all up from the plastic tray. -- Patrick in Maui, Hawaii

Aloha to my friends in Hawaii, and Patrick, your travel hint is a good one for all road warriors. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: How do I remove lint from very heavy self-gripping tape? -- Annie in Grafton, Wis.

Don’t you just get bugged by this sticky (or nonsticky, really) problem? When it happens, the tape stops sticking together! Pull out as much of the larger pieces as you can. Then take a crochet hook, a stiff toothbrush or a small comb and gently clean out the debris.

Depending on what the tape is on, press the two sides together when not in use to keep them from getting full of lint. -- Heloise



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Dear Heloise: My daughter had to take a medicine that was really bitter, and it was a battle to get her to do it. Since it was a liquid, I mixed it in with some yogurt and gave it to her during her meal. She ate it! She didn’t even realize the medicine was in it. No more battles. Check with your pharmacy (or physician) first to make sure it is okay to mix the medicine with something. -- A Reader in Pennsylvania

Yuck to some of the liquid medicines! The pharmacy may be able to add flavoring, for a small fee. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I recently had the carpet replaced in my house. To move the heavy furniture, the workers had two long strips of thick plastic attached to ropes. They would slide the strips under each side of the furniture and then pull it by the ropes. They had all the furniture moved very quickly without killing their backs. I thought it was such a good idea and that it would be good for everyone. -- A Reader in Georgia

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