Dear Heloise: I travel a lot for business, and this is the best way I’ve found to pack my clothes.

I use the plastic dry-cleaner bags to put my clothes in first, then fold them neatly. Rolling works, but I like to fold my dress shirts and pants. The plastic bag makes a little air pocket and helps prevent wrinkles.

Herb B. in Los Angeles

Dear Heloise: Leg makeup leaves a residue on everything it comes in contact with. If you want to protect furniture and the seats in your car, stop using it! The only ones who use it in our office are in their upper 30s and 40s and make questionable style choices. (Heloise here: Lana’s letter was rather long, and I had to edit it some, but these are her words.)

I’m a professional woman in my 20s and wear sheer pantyhose close to my skin color, or maybe one shade darker. If you know what brand and style to get, you can work comfortably in the right hosiery, and you may even forget you are wearing them.

Lana K. in Tennessee

Lana K. in Tennessee: Depending on the office setting (legal, banking, insurance), a general “dress code” for professional employees might suggest pantyhose. Other areas of work, such as art, creative and entertainment, may wear jeans. You cannot dictate or judge others by what you personally do or wear at work.

Dear Heloise: I have a hint for drivers: When backing out of a parking spot, put your four-way flashers on. It informs other vehicles and people walking that you are backing up, especially if you can’t see due to an SUV or a pickup with a lift kit on the sides. I’m a retired trucker.

Tom in Coitsville, Ohio

Dear Heloise: I just returned from a cruise, and I came up with some hints:

● Even though you’re on vacation, wear a watch. The activities are scheduled, and you don’t want to be late!

● Take a pair of walkie-talkies. You can communicate with family more easily. I slept in, and when I woke, I radioed my husband.

● On our cruise, only lemonade and tea were free. I brought flavored drink packs to have some variety.

Marie M., via email

Dear Heloise: I love your column in the Orange County (Calif.) Register. I use clear plastic egg cartons for my earrings. This keeps them together and easy to find.

I keep another in the kitchen drawer under our pod coffee maker. I can easily see all the flavors!

Donna D., Orange, Calif.

Dear Heloise: When my wife and I travel, we take a toothbrush holder. Most hotels and cruise ships do not provide them. If they did, I would be concerned about how they clean them.

B. John R., Hot Springs Village, Ark.

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