Dear Readers: What is “REG D”? Glad you asked! Regulation D is a Federal Reserve ( banking rule that limits the number of most types of withdrawals you can make from your savings account to six per month.

A savings account is meant primarily as a deposit account — unlike a checking account, where money is constantly moving in and out.

Most banks and credit unions will warn you via letter the first time you have more than six withdrawals in a month from your savings account, but if you continually withdraw funds from your savings, the financial institution can assess a fee, and it ultimately can close your account, so you’ll want to be careful. Set those funds aside, and vow not to touch them unless absolutely necessary.

Of course, there’s no limit to the number of deposits you can make!

Dear Heloise: I enjoy reading your column in the (Jacksonville, Ill.) Journal-Courier.

My hint is about removing fuzz balls from clothing. I shave them off with a disposable razor. I lay the clothing flat on a hard surface, or put the garment on, and remove those unsightly "critters" with ease and safety.

Sharon A., Woodson, Ill.

Dear Heloise: There is a foggy/milky film on the lower half of my clear-glass shower doors. I believe it is hard-water stains. I've tried products made for removing these stains, but nothing completely clears them. I hope you can help.

A Loyal Reader, Charlotte

Loyal Reader: Aren’t those stains maddening? You want to have a beautiful, crystal-clear shower door! Here is my recipe for shower door cleaner:

Mix together 1/2 cup of white or apple-cider vinegar, 1 pint of rubbing alcohol and 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent (for hand-washing dishes). Add enough water to make a gallon. Pour some into a labeled spray bottle, and saturate the door. Let sit for several minutes, then wipe. The soapy film should be greatly reduced. Repeat if necessary.

Vinegar is a marvel in the home — it’s cheap, safe and easily attainable. Would you like more of my favorite vinegar hints? Log on to to order my handy vinegar pamphlet, or send a long, stamped (71 cents), self-addressed envelope, along with $5, to: Heloise/Vinegar, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. One cup of apple-cider vinegar in the bathwater will soften your skin, and the tub will be easier to clean also!

Dear Heloise: Help! Many years ago, our dresses and blouses had shoulder pads. I cut out my pads. What do you suggest doing with them?

Helen McBride, Huntsville, Ala.

Helen McBride: Ah, big shoulders reigned in the 1980s, but now you’re left with all those pads! Here are some ideas for using a foam shoulder pad:

● As a pincushion.

● Stuffing for a teddy bear or doll.

● Padding to fill in a bra.

● As a cleaning sponge.

● Make a stitched-up cat toy with catnip inside.

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