Dear Heloise: Ever have a piece of chicken, a pork chop or a piece of steak left from dinner that's not enough for another meal? I freeze the leftovers and use them later in a stir-fry. I let them thaw, cut them into bite-size pieces and mix with vegetables for a delicious meal. "Waste not . . . ."

A Reader in North Carolina

Dear Heloise: Would you please reprint your recipe for salmonettes? My family loved them, and I've lost the recipe.

A Reader in South Carolina

Reader in South Carolina: I’d love to! This was a favorite of my mother’s. You’ll need:

14 ounces canned salmon (or you can use tuna)

1 4 cup liquid from the salmon

½ cup flour

1 egg, slightly beaten

Pepper (optional, to taste)

1 heaping teaspoon baking powder

Oil for deep frying

Drain the salmon and reserve ¼ cup of the liquid. Put the salmon in a mixing bowl and break it into small flakes using a fork. Add the flour, a little at a time, the slightly beaten egg, then pepper (no salt). Mix well, but don’t overmix.

Add the baking powder to the reserved liquid and beat well with a fork until foamy. Pour this into the fish mixture and blend together. Do not overmix!

Using two teaspoons, scoop out the mixture with one and then use the other to push the mixture off the teaspoon into a deep fryer that is half full of hot oil. After they are browned (watch them — it doesn’t take long), drain on a paper towel and serve.

You’ll find this and many more delicious recipes in my Main Dishes and More pamphlet. You can order it at, or you can send $3, along with a stamped (70 cents), self-addressed, long envelope, to: Heloise/Main Dishes, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. Wonderful family memories often include tasty dishes passed down from generation to generation. Maybe my mother’s salmonettes will become one of yours!

Dear Readers: The health benefits of grapefruit are enormous. It’s high in fiber and helps regulate digestive juices, and is considered a powerful antioxidant.

Also, grapefruit contains a high level of vitamin C and is believed to help promote sleep. It’s low in calories, which is good for dieters, and is one of nature’s best foods.

Dear Heloise: I read a woman was having trouble getting the bottom pie crust cooked thoroughly. Here's what I do: I put a cast iron skillet in the oven "upside down" when I turn on the oven. Then I place the pie directly on the cast iron skillet, and I have a done crust.

Ramona E., Lubbock, Tex.

Dear Heloise: When I bought my house a few years ago, the appliances in it were brushed aluminum. They were dull and water-stained. Wiping and washing didn't seem to help them. Finally, I saw a video of a woman who said to put olive oil on a clean cloth and wipe them down. Afterward, wipe with a cloth dampened with vinegar. Wow! My appliances look new. This also can be used on stainless steel.

Barbara E., Dayton, Ohio

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