Dear Heloise: I agree with Donna in Nebraska, who asked in a Sound Off why companies have items that say “TEAR HERE” when it never works. I always carry a little pair of child’s scissors in my purse. They are sold cheaply at drugstores, etc., and frequently come in handy. -- Peggy, via e-mail

I agree, too! Most don’t “tear easily,” and it’s frustrating! -- Heloise



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Dear Heloise: Like many other people, we bought a new mattress that is far thicker than our old mattress. I am tired of fitted sheets popping off and would like to replace them, but I cannot find a store that sells bottom sheets individually.

We have perfectly good top sheets and pillowcases, so buying whole new sets is unnecessary and wasteful. But even online, I cannot find a source that sells bottom sheets only. -- Jean B. in Michigan

You are not alone! With many people buying the new deeper mattresses, the old bottom sheets do not stay on. If you cannot find any online, try an outlet store. You can find a cheaper set that coordinates, and you can just rotate the top sheet and shams with it. -- Heloise


Dear Readers: Uses for old wine bottles:

* As candleholders.

* Save the corks and make sand-art bottles with kids.

* Turn them into vases.

* Store homemade salad dressing in one.

* Use as a rolling pin, in a pinch.

-- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I want to use red silk flowers to decorate a headstone, but I’m being told that they will run when they get wet and stain the headstone. Is there any way to set the color so they don’t run? -- Denise, via e-mail

Denise, unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do to set the dye. Your best bet is to check for colorfastness before putting the flowers on the headstone. Fill your sink or a bucket with water. Take a petal and submerge it. You will be able to see if the color is running. You might be better off with plastic or nonsilk artificial flowers.

Another thing to consider is checking with the cemetery to see if it has any regulations regarding what can and cannot be placed on headstones. Some only allow plastic vases, etc. Be careful when placing things of importance, as they often can get lost due to weather and cemetery maintenance. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: At my wedding, we didn’t do a traditional guest book. Instead, we got a platter that we had everyone sign. It came in a kit with special markers. When we returned from our honeymoon, we simply baked the platter in the oven for a designated time, which sealed in the signatures. Now we have it displayed on our wall for all to see.

It is much better than a book stuck in a closet that never gets brought out. -- Monica in Michigan

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