Dear Readers: COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS can be very expensive! Books for just one semester alone can be several hundred dollars or more! This can be a challenge to any student, let alone one on a tight budget.

Of course, you can buy used textbooks from the college, university bookstore or other bookstores that carry textbooks.

But did you know that you also can rent textbooks? There are Web sites and stores that allow you to rent books at quite a savings, rather than buying new or used books. Renting can be much cheaper than buying used books and then selling them back to the bookstore. So, do some checking before buying books. You could save a lot of money! -- Heloise


Dear Readers: For my birthday earlier this year, my office “magpies” gave me a beautiful bouquet of purple roses, my favorite color. I wore one of the roses behind my ear for the day! At first, it wouldn’t stay put. I used a paper clip to clip the rose to my hair. It stayed put and worked perfectly. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: When you’ve reached the rim of your lipstick tube, don’t throw it away. Purchase a lip brush. There are many applications of lipstick remaining. -- Rachel Bedford, Lakeland, Fla.

You also can use a cotton swab in a pinch. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I always read your column in The (Farmington, N.M.) Daily Times. I thought someone else might have the same problem I did with my garden hose, and my hint might help.

I never knew how some people were able to roll up their garden hoses so perfectly, and mine would flop and twist when I would try.

Finally, I had a brainstorm. After I turned the water off, I sprayed out the remaining water from the hose. Guess what? It rolled onto my garden-hose holder without a kink, reverse loop or twist. -- Kathy G., Farmington, N.M.


Dear Heloise: I am still working and my husband is retired, so he has taken charge of reconciling our credit-card receipts with the monthly statement. I keep a small notebook in my purse. When I make a purchase, I place the receipt inside, turn the page, and I am ready for the next purchase. At the end of the month, I give him the book with all the receipts in order of the date purchased. It makes his job much easier. -- Judy P., Boerne, Tex.


Dear Heloise: Even if you use a nylon-net scrubbie in the shower, keep a washcloth handy to save your nails when opening stubborn body-wash or hair-product bottles. -- Susanne L., Fredericksburg, Va.


Dear Heloise: Most grocery stores sprinkle the produce (with a water mister). I touch the wet produce with my fingers rather than lick them to open the plastic bags. Works fantastically. -- Donna, via e-mail

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