Welcome to the world, HRH Prince George of Cambridge. It only took Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, two days to share the newborn’s name. George Alexander Louis is now third in line for the British throne. But more importantly, he joins a cohort of famous Georges — real, fictional and a few scandal ridden. Here is our incomplete list* of the top 50 people named George, based on an unscientific office poll. Only time will tell where the royal baby will rank. Please share your top Georges, including any we missed, in the comments section.

50. George Mason

49. Georgetta Foreman

48. George Feeny

47. George Custer

46. George Foreman IV

45. Georges St-Pierre

44. George Brett

43. George Michael

42. George Foreman V

41. George Strait

40. George Eliot

39. George Foreman Jr.

38. George Lopez

37. George H. W. Bush

36. George Bluth Sr.

35. George Foreman VI

34. George Allen

33. George Sand

32. George Crawley

31. George Foreman III

30. George “The Animal” Steele

29. George Stephanopoulos

28. George R.R. Martin

27. George A. Romero

26. George Jetson

25. Boy George

24. George Wesley

23. George Muresan

22. George Gershwin

21. George Oscar “GOB” Bluth

20. George Foreman

19. George Carlin

18. George Hamilton

17. George Best

16. George Lucas

15. Prince George’s County

14. George W. Bush

13. George Washington Carver

12. George Costanza

11. George Orwell

10. George Takei

9. Georgetown Cupcakes

8. George Harrison

7. King George VI

6. George of the Jungle

5. George Clinton

4. St. George

3. George Washington

2. George Clooney

1. Curious George

Note: George Washington University was disqualified from this list.