The 2008 Aston Martin 6 litre V12 DBS 2 door coupe was used by Daniel Craig as James Bond in the movie 'Quantum of Solace.’ (Alastair Grant/AP)

Men aren’t the only ones with James Bond fantasies.

But it’s not the Rolex Submariner or exploding attaché case I covet. It’s the silver birch DB5 Aston Martin that Bond drove in “Goldfinger.”

Here’s how I envision it: The 1964 Aston Martin speeds along the French Riviera, as elegant as a Savile Row suit. But I’m behind the wheel, not James, driving with what Ian Fleming might call sensual pleasure.

The engine purrs like a lion as I move through the five-speed gear box, hitting its stride at 145 miles per hour. Europe’s most dashing men gape when I pull up at the Monte Carlo Casino. The sight of my DB5 makes their Jaguars and Ferraris seem as common as the supermodels draped on their arms.

A low-slung symphony of curves, my Aston Martin is sculpted to seduce. I invite the most dangerous-looking man for a ride.

But the moment he bores me, I hit my ejector button and roar off.

Liz Clarke is a Washington Post sportswriter and author of “One Helluva Ride: How NASCAR Swept the Nation.”

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