Friday, Nov. 2, 8:30 p.m., ABC

Reba McEntire stars in this unfortunately joyless sitcom about a woman who gave up her own singing career to support her husband’s superstardom in country music — a premise that wouldn’t have made sense even back in the June Carter Cash days, much less the Faith Hill days. Anyhow, hubby has cheated on Reba, so she dumps him at a press conference, then packs up their two teenagers and moves from Nashville to a Malibu beach house, which has a view of the sea and a laugh track that guffaws too hard.

Adding to the tragedy is the sight of Lily Tomlin in a gray wig playing Reba’s cranky-cuss Southern mom. I wouldn’t have wished a show like this on either of these nice gals, and I certainly wouldn’t wish it on viewers.

Grade: F

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