Attack Attack band members, from left, John Holgado, Andrew Whiting, Caleb Shomo, and Andrew Wetzel. (Steven Taylor)

Ohio-based Attack Attack!’s main claim to fame is its alleged authorship of crabcore, a terrible, horrible, no-good metal subgenre in which band members squat-walk like crabs. Afraid of neither melody nor synths, Attack Attack! has traditionally served up both clean (read: sung) and unclean (read: screamo-style) vocals, copious electro beats and T.I. levels of Auto-Tune.

Viewed as insufficiently ferocious scenesters by hard-rock purists, Attack Attack! used to be the Cobra Starship of metal, seemingly happy to exist in the grievously uncool no man’s land where metalcore and mall punk overlap. But the group (now on its third vocalist, Caleb Shomo) has changed things up slightly on its latest outing, a pop-metal concept album that places most of its emphasis on metal.

Cover art for Attack Attack's album "This Means War." (Courtesy of Rise Records)

The band’s usual almost-danceable grooves are buried under an avalanche of screamo riffs and sludgy breakdowns. Although Attack Attack! has never sounded tighter or smarter, this latest effort will never find an audience on the dance floor.

Attack Attack!