Sixth graders from Rocky Hill Middle School in Montgomery County play Monopoly. From left to right are Logan Kopsidas, 11, David Yoo, 11 and Abby Thomas, 11. (Catherine Odey)
Thanks to our testers

Our colleagues at Newspapers in Education (NIE), which gives local schools access to The Washington Post and other resources, found eager toy-testers for KidsPost at 10 NIE-participating schools. Thank you so much to the students who worked (and played) hard: Second grade: Adrienne Gainer-Lee’s class at Port Towns Elementary School in Bladensburg and students at Lafayette Elementary School in the District, where librarian Judith Perlin supervised. Third grade: Nathaniel Powers’s class at Randolph Elementary School in Arlington and Dee Murphy’s class at Swans Creek Elementary School in Dumfries. Fourth grade: Michael Gee’s class at Miner Elementary School in the District and Jessica O’Roark’s class at Berwyn Heights Elementary in Berwyn Heights. Fifth grade: Marie Potochney’s library class at St. Bernadette School in Springfield and Stephanie Hagber’s class at Rolling Knolls Elementary School in Annapolis. Sixth grade: Catherine Odey’s class at Rocky Hill Middle School in Clarksburg and Bill Turgeon’s class at River Bend Middle School in Sterling. If you’d like to learn how your school can use NIE, please e-mail or