In this photo illustration, The Monopoly iron game piece is displayed on Feb. 6, 2013 in Fairfax, Calif. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Fans may have voted the iron out of Monopoly, but you can still play your favorite old-school token — for $20 or $30, that is.

Mere hours after Hasbro announced that a new cat token would replace the iron in future versions of the game, enterprising fans began listing their iron tokens on eBay.

“Great collectible! This iron is being retired and replaced by a cat. It is 5/8” long and in excellent condition,” reads the listing for one iron going at the competitive price of $4.99.

“This is a vintage item with smooth finish,” reads another, priced at $19.99.

One particularly ambitious seller is even offering his iron with a “collectible memorial pin,” perfect “for your jacket, hat, backpack, bulletin board or car visor” — if you’d like those things to celebrate a discontinued game piece, that is.

Naturally, Hasbro saw a money-making opportunity here, as well. Monopoly’s official Twitter feed has been pushing a special-edition game on all the whiners complaining about the new cat token. That version, priced at $17.99, boasts all the original pieces plus (!) the five tokens that weren’t chosen in last month’s contest.

Hasbro announced Thursday, to glee from some corners of the Internet and disappointment from others, that the cat token would replace the iron in future versions of the game, a change decided by popular vote. The token lineup has seen many changes since the game debuted in 1935, but the iron has been a standby. Now, apparently, it’s a collector’s item.

“Don’t let them take your iron. Get yours here before their (sic) gone,” says one eBay seller listing an iron for $2,000.

As of Friday morning, there was one bid for that offer.