Abby von Kelsch & Chad Omweg

Abby von Kelsch, 37, is a consultant to FEMA with Booz Allen Hamilton. Chad Omweg, 35, is a welder. They live in Baltimore.

Wedding date: Feb. 16

Location: George Peabody Library, Baltimore

Guests: 90

How they met: In 2007, Abby von Kelsch moved to Park City, Utah, to train in the U.S. Skeleton Team’s Olympic Development Program. (Skeleton athletes lie on sleds to slide down an icy track headfirst.) Chad Omweg was training her team to move on to the national team. The two became good friends. When Chad’s involvement with a hometown sweetheart in Virginia fizzled in June 2008, he asked Abby out. At first she said no, but she relented two months later when she began holding hands with him while they watched the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies at a friend’s house. Abby said she knew she would never find anyone “as remotely patient, kind and gentle anywhere.”

Abby von Kelsch and Chad Omweg at their wedding reception at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Md. (Freed Photography)

The proposal: They retired from skeleton in June 2011 and moved to Baltimore, where Abby had a house. But despite hints, Chad kept her guessing until October. She suspected something when she came home one night to a spotless house and a lovely dinner. Chad pulled out a box from a cabinet Abby couldn’t reach, got down on one knee, proposed and said, “I got a really good deal,” knowing cost-conscious Abby would be pleased.

The wedding: Chad and Abby delayed the date until they had saved up. Still, they were frugal, building the chuppah themselves, drawing watercolor maps of the city of Baltimore to include in the guest bags and sewing runners for the tables. Abby’s younger sister officiated.

The honeymoon: The couple went to Virginia Beach for a week. For their official honeymoon, they plan to go somewhere like Tahiti, where “our thatched hut can extend over blue-green water and every drink comes with an umbrella,” Abby said.