Amber Altschul and Michael Misiaszek at their wedding at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Utah. (Melissa Papaj)
Amber Altschul& Michael Misiaszek

Amber Altschul, 34, and Michael Misiaszek, 29, are patent examiners in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They live in Alexandria.

Wedding date: Nov. 10, 2012

Location: Stein Eriksen Lodge, Park City, Utah

Guests: 40

How they met: A co-worker introduced Altschul and Misiaszek, who immediately clicked. They spent six months hanging out with groups of mutual friends until Misiaszek asked Altschul out for a one-on-one dinner. They dated for eight months before breaking up in January 2008 — Altschul wanted a commitment, and Misiaszek wasn’t ready. But seven months later, he told her he loved her; she agreed to get back together when he said he was serious about marriage.

The proposal: In late September 2011, they went on a cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles. In their cabin the night before they arrived in San Francisco, Misiaszek was fiddling with his camera and asked Altschul to get his lens out of the case. She reached in, felt a ring box and began to cry. “I guess that’s a yes,” Misiaszek said.

The wedding: In deference to Altschul’s fair skin, they chose the mountains of Utah for their destination wedding rather than a hot, sunny locale. It snowed 30 inches that weekend. They said their vows under an arch on a balcony outside warmed by heat lamps. The bride and bridesmaids wore Ugg boots until they came inside for a sit-down dinner of elk, steelhead trout and mushroom risotto. The winter wonderland theme was carried out with centerpieces of roses and calla lilies wrapped with white aspen branches. Guests took away cookie tins, which they filled from a dessert table loaded with s’mores, sugar cookies and snickerdoodles.

The honeymoon: In January, the couple will travel to Asia, where they’re looking forward to seeing the Tiger Temple in Cambodia and going on an elephant safari in Thailand.