Anne Burnley & Chris Robinson

Anne Burnley, 27, works for a political fundraising firm. Chris Robinson, also 27 , works for IBM. They live in Alexandria.

Wedding date: Aug. 6.

Location: Hotel Monaco, Alexandria.

Anne Burnley and Chris Robinson at their wedding reception at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, Va., on August 6, 2011. (Roman Grinev )

Guests: 130.

How they met: Burnley and Robinson met in 2000 during their sophomore year at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria and quickly became close friends. Although they admitted romantic feelings for each other after graduating, college on different coasts discouraged them from dating. But in August 2005, while both were on break, they joined friends at a bar and danced together all night. “The stars fell into place,” Burnley says. After they went back to their respective schools, they spoke every day.

The proposal: They returned home from a party on New Year’s Eve and, over a toast, Burnley said 2011 was their year to get married, something they had been discussing. Robinson admitted that he already had the ring; Burnley confessed she had searched for it, to no avail. So Robinson pulled it from a hidden box, got down on one knee and proposed. They didn’t make it official until the next day, when Robinson called Burnley’s father to get his permission.

The wedding: Instead of a maid of honor, Burnley had a brother of honor. The flowers were white hydrangeas, set against Burnley’s favorite colors of hot pink (for the bridesmaids) and navy blue (for the groomsmen). Bartenders served drinks in plastic cups that said “Meet the Robinsons” and sported a silhouette of a basset hound, a nod to their beloved dog. They chose “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green for their first dance.

The honeymoon: They went to Ogunquit, Maine, where they walked a scenic cliff path, visited lighthouses and ate their fill of seafood at Barnacle Billy’s lobster pound.