Caranda Julius and Terrence Clements at their wedding reception in Haymarket, Va. on September 17, 2011. (Andre Carter/Aikema Photography)
Caranda Julius & Terrence Clements

Caranda Julius, 31, works in human resources at the Wilderness Society. Terrence Clements, 26, is an account manager for AT&T and a sergeant in the Air Force Reserve. They live in Brookland.

Wedding date: Sept. 17

Location: The Piedmont Club, Haymarket

Guests: 120

How they met: At K Street Lounge in March 2009, Julius noticed Clements standing at the bar and tried to get his attention by ordering a drink beside him. He didn’t take the bait, but when she later returned to pay her tab, he asked her name. They chatted for about 10 minutes, and he took her phone number. A week and a half later, they went to the Chi-Cha Lounge for drinks and dessert.

The proposal: Last October, after dinner celebrating Julius’s birthday, they were on their way to meet friends when Clements crouched down at the corner of 18th and M streets NW, saying he had a cramp in his leg. Julius told him to breathe deeply to get the blood flowing, then noticed that he was kneeling and holding a ring.

The wedding: They chose a color scheme of cherry and mocha, combining Julius’s taste for earth tones and Clements’s preference for bright color. Sealing their union and following an African American tradition that symbolizes leaping into the next phase of life together, the couple held hands and hopped over a handmade straw broom decorated with ribbons and flowers. Their first dance was to Sade’s “By Your Side,” a song they had listened to and loved while snowed in together during the 2010 Snowmageddon blizzards.

The honeymoon: The couple rented a beachfront condo in Myrtle Beach, S.C., saw dolphins and indulged in local restaurants.