Dawn Mishra & Matthew Majkut

Dawn Mishra, 28, is an intellectual-property lawyer. Matthew Majkut, 29, specializes in cyber security and privacy consulting for a technology company. They live in Old Town Alexandria.

Wedding date: May 14

Location: Nemacolin Woodlands, Farmington, Pa.

Dawn Mishra and Matthew Majkut at their wedding reception at Nemacolin Woodlands in Farmington, Pa. on May 14. (Joseph White)

Guests: 150

How they met: Mishra and Majkut met the first week of classes at the University of Michigan law school in 2007. On their first date three months later, they went to a Christmas party. Each was focused on studies and not looking for a relationship, but they had such a good evening that, according to Majkut, “It was obvious we were a couple.”

The proposal: They went to Jamaica for spring break in 2009. Majkut had arranged for the hotel restaurant to provide a private candlelight dinner with champagne and flowers on a pier overlooking the ocean. A violent rainstorm interrupted dinner. With glasses breaking and food flying, they headed for shelter. When the weather cleared, Majkut told Mishra that he wanted to return to the table to take pictures. There, with both of them soaked from head to toe, he got down on one knee and proposed.

The wedding: The Caribbean cocktail hour featured steel drums, Jamaican jerk and a full daiquiri bar. The overall theme of the reception was travel; The place card for each guest was made to resemble a plane ticket showing the person’s name, seat number and destination.

The honeymoon: Instead of registering for china and glassware, Majkut and Mishra opted for a honeymoon registry that included car rental, an island sailing trip and other things they could enjoy on their two-week honeymoon exploring Santorini, Crete and Athens. “We have a 950-square-foot apartment without much storage. This was a chance for guests to give us an experience [rather than things],” Majkut says.

­­Janet Bennett Kelly