Jennie Kushlis and Matt Hendrickson (Emma Harris/Emma Kate Creative)
Jennie Kushlis & Matt Hendrickson

Jennie Kushlis, 28, works in public relations. Matt Hendrickson, also 28, works in advertising sales. They live in Adams Morgan.

Wedding date: Oct. 20, 2012

Location: Ritz-Carlton Georgetown

Guests: 95

How they met: At a July 2005 party, the two summer interns bonded over their love of Washington, baseball and ’80s music. They dated steadily for a month before Hendrickson left to study at St. Andrews in Scotland and Kushlis returned to Syracuse, N.Y. They stayed in touch, and when Hendrickson returned four months later, he invited her to meet his family in Philadelphia, where he greeted her at the train station with a boom box playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’. ”

The proposal: In August 2011, Kushlis came home to find a note from Hendrickson saying that a car would pick her up that afternoon. The car took her to an empty Nationals Park, where an employee escorted her to a table at home plate. Hendrickson appeared on the Jumbotron in a pre-recorded video to tell her he wanted to ask her to marry him. But knowing Kushlis’s fondness for the Teddy Roosevelt mascot, he told her he first had to race the president for her hand. Hendrickson and Teddy appeared and raced from center field to home plate, where a victorious Hendrickson got down on one knee and proposed.

The wedding: A Scottish bagpiper led their party from the ceremony at Holy Trinity in Georgetown to nearby Paolo’s for a cocktail party, and then down Wisconsin Avenue to the reception at the Ritz-Carlton. As a nod to their love of Journey, their first dance began with “Faithfully”; mid-song, there was a “record scratch” and family and friends, who had each been assigned a part of the song, launched into a rendition of “Any Way You Want It.”

The honeymoon: They spent two nights in San Francisco before heading to Maui, where they snorkeled, biked to a volcano and went on a helicopter tour.