Jina Hyun & Greg Giusto

Jina Hyun, 26, is a management consultant. Greg Giusto, 31, is a health policy analyst. They live in Vienna.

Wedding date: Feb. 26

Location: George Peabody Library, Baltimore

Guests: 95

How they met: The couple began communicating on eHarmony in December 2008 and went to Duangrat’s in Falls Church for their first date. The next morning after, Jina’s boss told her she had to leave for Australia the next day. Not wanting to lose momentum, she asked Greg to spend that afternoon with her before she left. But the trip was canceled, and the two started seeing each other regularly.

The proposal: They returned to Duangrat’s in January 2010 on the one-year anniversary of their first date. After dinner, they went to Greg’s apartment, but he asked Jina to stay outside for a short time. When she came in, she saw an arrangement of homemade cupcakes decorated with their names. As she reached for one, Greg told her to wait; he had something to ask her.

The wedding: Following a church service, the couple arrived at the reception hall and changed into traditional wedding robes for an abbreviated Korean ceremony, which included bowing to their parents, feeding each other dates and Greg’s giving Jina a piggyback ride. Afterward, they changed back into their Western wedding clothes for dancing. In keeping with the library location, each table-number card was a mini-book featuring facts about the bride and groom.

The honeymoon: The couple cruised to the Bahamas for a week and are planning a second honeymoon that will take them to Korea to meet Jina’s relatives and then on to Bali.

— Janet Bennett Kelly