Kate Van Hooser & Brian Head

Kate Van Hooser, 29, is a lawyer in Occoquan. Brian Head, 30, is a graduate student at George Mason University. They live in Woodbridge.

Wedding date: Oct. 6

Location: Fort Belvoir Officers’ Club.

Kate Van Hooser and Brian Head their wedding reception. (Kelly Hahn)

Guests: 200

How they met: They first crossed paths at a mutual friend’s party in 2006. In September 2009, Head sat down a table at P.F. Chang’s in Fairfax, where Van Hooser was waitressing while waiting for results from the bar exam. Although Van Hooser recognized him, Head didn’t remember her. But the following month, they saw one another again at a gathering for the same mutual friend. The third time was the charm — after the event, Head friended Van Hooser on Facebook and asked her to dinner at Wildfire in Tysons Corner. Three months later, Head had changed his plans to move to Denver and the couple became inseparable.

The proposal: On Aug. 10, 2011, as they were gazing at the ocean view from Otter Cliff in Maine’s Acadia National Park, Van Hooser said she was pretty sure “it didn’t get any better than this.” Head responded, “Yes, it does,” and asked her to marry him.

The wedding: Head and Van Hooser made a donation to the Starfish Project, which builds houses, schools and clinics in Haiti, in honor of their wedding guests. In appreciation, residents of a Haitian leper hospital sent them hand-crocheted starfish ornaments, which the couple gave to guests as favors. Their DJ, a former broadway dancer, taught everyone to do the Alley Cat, a line dance that was a favorite of Van Hooser’s grandmother who passed away in March.

The honeymoon: Because Head’s grandfather is ill, they are postponing their trip until December 2013, when they plan to go somewhere warm and tropical.


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