Mary Chasko & Ed Brzytwa

Mary Chasko, 35, is an anesthesiologist. Ed Brzytwa, 36, works in the office of the United States Trade Representative. They live in Adams Morgan.

Wedding date: March 16

Location: Hotel Terra, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Guests: 82

How they met: In September 2010, Mary Chasko attended the New Jersey wedding of her cousin, who happened to be Ed Brzytwa’s college friend. When Ed noticed Mary, he promptly introduced himself. They expressed admiration for each other’s professions. Ed asked Mary to dance. When a slow song didn’t play, she told him they could dance to one on their first date. Ed followed up, inviting Mary, who lived north of Hagerstown, to visit him in the District. They ate dinner at Birch & Barley and went back to his apartment, where they danced to Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.” After nine months in a long-distance relationship, Mary found a job in the District and was looking for an apartment. Her dad’s cancer diagnosis delayed her until Ed suggested that she move in with him.

Mary Chasko and Ed Brzytwa at their wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, March 16, 2013. (Kisa Koenig)

The proposal: On Dec. 1, Ed came home bearing champagne and suggested they go up to their roof deck. The couple regularly went there at sunset for cocktails, but Mary thought the champagne seemed a little suspicious. That was confirmed when Ed got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. They celebrated, drinking the bubbly until it got too cold and dark to remain outside.

The wedding: Both skiers, they thought Jackson Hole — with its slopes, wildlife and great restaurants — would be a mini-vacation. They exchanged vows in front of a fireplace flanked by large windows with a view of the snow-covered mountains. In a ballroom decorated with candles and flowers, guests had a dinner of bison and trout. Menus and place cards were decorated with silhouettes of the Teton Mountains. Their first dance as a married couple was to “Harvest Moon,” in remembrance of their first slow dance.

The honeymoon: The couple will go to Hawaii in August for two weeks.

Janet Bennett Kelly