Tricia Magnuson and Geoff Leone at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., on Feb. 4, 2012. (DuHon Photography)

Tricia Magnuson, 25, is a marketing coordinator. Lt. j.g. Geoff Leone, also 25, is in the Navy. They live in Virginia Beach.


Wedding date: Feb. 4

Location: Chartwell Country Club, Severna Park

Guests: 140

How they met: In 2006, Magnuson was a student at Villanova University, and Leone was at the U.S. Naval Academy. Magnuson’s roommate had agreed to let a friend’s Navy lacrosse pals stay at their house the weekend of the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia. Leone was among them, and he and Magnuson got to know one another. She wasn’t sure whether they’d see each other again, but the next weekend Leone surprised her by driving to Villanova and taking her to dinner.

The proposal: In September, Leone called Magnuson and asked her to meet him at the oceanfront; he told her that the waves were good and that they should play with their dog. When she arrived, she found beach chairs, a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine. When Leone asked her to hand him the wine opener, she saw a ring box inside the bag.

The wedding: As the couple exited the Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, Leone’s fellow officers lined the path with their swords. Instead of wedding favors, they made a donation to the Travis Manion Foundation, honoring two men they knew who had been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, and gave out bracelets bearing the names of both.

The honeymoon: They visited New York for a few days and plan to take a longer vacation after Leone has completed the first phase of a Navy SEAL training program.