Why cook with spatulas when you can cook with swords? Here’s your guide to extreme cooking online and on television.

Epic Meal Time’ (YouTube)

Angry Canadians discover that all food is better deep-fried and with bacon. How does this play with the ladies? Says host Harley Morenstein: “You don’t know Canadian girls.”

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time’ (YouTube)

Dishes such as Sidepork Pandemonium are prepared via a cooking method known as “smashing.” All episodes are broadcast “In Swenglish.”

My Drunk Kitchen’ (YouTube)

The show is tagged “Important lessons for surviving your adultolescence.” The impish host’s lessons include: “Tacos are the most versatile fruit.”

What the [Bad Word] Should I Make for Dinner?

This text-only Web site does not want to hear your excuses for why you don’t cook more.

Extreme Chef’ (Food Network)

The new show looks like a combination of “Top Chef” and “Survivor.” And “Man vs. Wild.” And “MacGyver.”

— Monica Hesse