Carl Cox & Darin Hendeson

Carl Cox, 43, owns a graphic design and marketing firm in Baltimore. Darin Henderson, 46, is director of operations for ACS, a Xerox subsidiary. They live in Washington.

Wedding date: March 4

Location: Long View Gallery, Washington

Guests: 160

How they met: Carl and Darin met through in October 2005. Carl, fresh from a breakup, was cautious about starting something new, so their first face-to-face meeting wasn’t until March 2006, when they went to Blues Alley. They commuted between the District and Baltimore to see each other on weekends; when Darin was charged with opening a new office for his firm in Baltimore, they began to get together during the week as well.

The proposal: Darin first proposed in Puerto Vallarta in January 2007, but Carl wasn’t ready. They remained together and a year later registered as domestic partners in the District and exchanged commitment rings. In December 2009, it was Carl’s turn to propose during a return trip to Mexico.

The wedding: After same-sex marriage became legal in Washington last year, the couple won a wedding contest; the prize covered the costs of the reception location, catering, photography and a wedding planner. As gifts to one another, Darin had handkerchiefs embroidered with the lyrics of their favorite songs, while Carl commissioned a portrait of the couple. Drag artist Billie Ross performed two Diana Ross numbers at the reception.

The honeymoon: The two returned to Puerto Vallarta, where they went horseback riding through the rain forest, and took a day trip to the bohemian town of Sayulita.

— Janet Bennett Kelly