Lindsay Hauer & Ryan Costello

Lindsay Hauer, 26, is an analyst with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Ryan Costello, 28, is a crime scene investigator with the Montgomery County Police Department. They live in Ashburn.

Wedding date: Jan. 29

Location: Sequoia Restaurant, Washington

Guests: 120

How they met: In the summer of 2006, Ryan was working for the forensic services division of the Secret Service; Lindsay, who was going into her senior year at West Virginia University, was an intern in the same department. They went to Logan Tavern on their official first date, but the burgeoning romance ended when Lindsay went back to college. They reconnected in March 2007 via Facebook, and Ryan kept the flame going by visiting Lindsay at school. The following November, as her graduation present, the couple went off to Paris.

The proposal: In October 2009, after two years of living together and raising two miniature dachshund puppies, Ryan was ready to propose. They were both running in the Army Ten-Miler road race when he faked an injury and pulled off to the side. Lindsay was aghast that he wasn’t finishing the race after he had pushed her to keep going. Then, in front of a crowd of onlookers, he got down on one knee and proposed, saying, “Life is like a marathon, and I can’t cross the finish line without you.”

The wedding: The couple observed a silent moment of remembrance during the ceremony in honor of Ryan’s father, who had recently passed away; at the reception, they left a chair open at the table next to Ryan’s mother. In celebration of winter, they chose to have the space decorated in white and silver with accents of blue. Lindsay and her mother lined the aisle floor with battery-operated lanterns decorated with snowflake patterns.

The honeymoon: The couple spent a week at an all-inclusive resort in Antigua, where they whiled away the time on the beach, imbibing tropical drinks and indulging in couples’ massages.

— Janet Bennett Kelly