Alan Wehler & Megan Partridge

Alan Wehler, 25, works for a defense contractor. Megan Partridge, 26, is in communications at the World Bank. The couple live in Alexandria.

Wedding date: May 7

Alan Wehler and Megan Partridge on their wedding day in Old Town Alexandria. (Greg Knott)

Location: Hotel Monaco, Alexandria

Guests: 97

How they met: In February 2008, shortly after Megan moved to Washington, a high school friend invited her to a party. Fellow guest Alan, who was singing loudly to ’90s rock tunes, made her laugh. They met for dinner a week later and talked for hours; they’ve either seen or spoken to one another every day since.

The proposal: In March 2010, the night before a weekend trip to Philadelphia, Megan noticed a “private” event on Alan’s Google calendar (which he shares with her) on the day they were to arrive. He said it was dinner with one of his friends. She pressed him until he confessed he was going to propose. The surprise was blown, but he carried out the plan anyway and presented her with a ring at the hotel, where he had champagne, strawberries and chocolate waiting. Even though expected, “it was still exciting,” Megan says.

The wedding: The couple wanted to capture the feel of their community. They chose a cellist who lives down the street and a DJ who works at Black Cat. They selected cherry blossoms for their flowers and a caterer who served Southern-inspired cuisine. After the wedding, guests continued to party at O’Connell’s, an Irish pub near the hotel.

The honeymoon: They spent a week in Monte­negro and then went to Turkey, where they spent another week exploring the art, history, shops and culture of Istanbul.