Rosia Warner
& Brent Parrish

Rosia Warner, 29, does research for HIV clinical trials. Brent Parrish, 34, is a major donors officer at George Washington University. They live on Capitol Hill.

Wedding date: May 14.

Location: Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colo.

Guests: 110.

How they met: In April 2006, Parrish had just moved to Boulder to work on a political campaign for Fern O’Brien. He joined a MySpace group for Colorado newcomers and was invited to a social gathering, where he met Warner. A few days later, he invited her to a book signing. The couple went long distance when he moved to Washington for a job, but they managed to see each other every few weeks. Parrish acknowledges that he was a little gun-shy about marriage until “something shifted in me and . . . things were going great, so why not make it official?”

The proposal: In January 2010, Parrish picked Warner up from lunch and said they were going to the Tidal Basin, her favorite spot in D.C. They walked around the water’s edge to a scenic spot, where Parrish pulled out his grandmother’s ring and popped the question.

The wedding: The 10 a.m. ceremony took place in Chautauqua, a public park, followed by a breakfast reception, complete with a pancake bar and lots of bacon (even the tofu variety) in the park’s dining facility. Warner was touched that her pen pal from Barcelona, Nuria, was able to be a bridesmaid; the two have corresponded since the third grade. “It just made sense to me that she was at my wedding, since she’s been a part of my life for most of my life,” Warner said.

The honeymoon: The couple spent their honeymoon in Taos, N.M., where they went horseback riding on a Navajo reservation, relaxed in hot springs, indulged in spa treatments and chatted up artists in town.

— Janet Bennett Kelly