Teya Tuccio-Flick & Sam Nikoomanesh

Teya Tuccio-Flick, 30, is director of marketing for a Web development firm. Sam Nikoomanesh, 42, works for the ethics office of the World Bank. They live in Arlington.

Wedding date: April 16

Location: Tabard Inn, Washington

Guests: 80

How they met: In June 2008, Teya and Sam were with different friends at the same nightclub when a guy named Angel, who was tagging along with Sam’s group, started chatting with Teya’s group. Soon Sam and Teya were in their own conversation. When he met her for dinner a week later, they were up talking until

2 a.m. (That an “Angel” brought them together has been a running joke ever since.)

The proposal: Teya called the weekend commutes between their homes in Baltimore and Arlington “mini-vacations” until Sam moved to Virginia a year later. They took a much grander vacation to Italy in 2010. After a day of sightseeing in Siena, they bought wine, cheese and bread for a picnic in their hotel courtyard. Sam popped the question during the outdoor feast.

The wedding: Fifty guests were gathered closely around the couple during the ceremony at the Tabard Inn, where limited space made for an intimate atmosphere. As a homage to Sam’s Persian background, there was a reading from a Persian poet and Sam’s mother arranged a traditional table of spices, candles, eggs and bread. They held the reception at nearby Darlington House, which could accommodate more people. As sweet treats for their guests, Teya arranged for a photo booth and a candy buffet, with Persian and Italian cookies as party favors.

The honeymoon: They went sightseeing in Madrid, Marbella and Barcelona during a trip through Spain and discovered off-the-beaten-path restaurants and shops. “We’re not sit-on-the-beach people,” Teya says.

— Janet Bennett Kelly